moving forward in 2013

obviously “Ms Young” had fallen to the superfreakos‘ back burner for a while. we needed to focus on lower hanging fruit to get our new company up and running. that has all changed though and 2013 is looking like the year that “Ms Young” may actually become a reality.

a few things in particular have helped bring this about, the most obvious of which is our maturation as a company. a stop-motion piece we did for an early client a Stevie Award (no, i don’t really know what that is either) and that helped us book a full commercial campaign for a San Fernando Valley mattress company. we’re still wrapping up that campaign while doing pre-production on pieces for two other clients and wrapping up a whole handful of short films. Denny‘s been working a lot in the TV sports world and booking key roles in indie features as well. my one-man show got some decent reviews and Kendall has been keeping all our projects within budget. so we’re ready.

most of the other factors aren’t completely locked down, so i won’t get into them at the moment, but the moment they’re done, i’ll get the word out.

we did however lock in Ryan Baker of Six Gun up in Reno for the Director of Photgraphy. check out his reel right here:

… and Adrian Ursu is back as 2nd Unit Director.

there have also been some tweaks to the cast and we’re probably not going to be shooting it in Utah anymore, Kendall and i are headed out to the Reno/Tahoe area in a couple weeks for a location scout, but all of that will be announced as we lock stuff down. lots and lots still to pin down, so stay tuned. we will be posting more often as it all develops.