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Capen getting props at The Village Voice

so this is kinda funny.

apparently Michael Musto (who’s rant about Carrie Prejean on Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” got him into a bit of a pickle back in the day) apparently LOVES Charlie Capen!. Capen is the actor for which the role of Charlie was originally written. check out his article on The Village Voice. it’s actually pretty funny and short too. check it out!

the video above is the commercial in which Musto apparently first saw Capen and below is the music video for Kyle Puccia’s gorgeous song “Broken People” which we produced, starting Charlie with Murisa Harba.

it begins!

had a reading this past wednesday, September 15th, at the ole WONGDOODY (thank you, Ben Wiener!) all of the usual suspects were there, including Charlie Capen (Charlie), Romina Bovolini (Marie), Travis Stanberry (The Sheriff), Chris McKenna (Andre), Will Bowles (Ryan) and about a dozen other actors and guests.

Chris McKenna the general consensus was definitely positive – as for me, i was definitely excited to hear it being read by the actors and pleased to see it so well received. so now pre-production begins. kendall and i are headed to utah next week to check out the cabin where we plan to shoot this next spring.

i’ll be posting tons of pics when we return, so … there’s that to look forward to. =)