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a couple weeks ago, the core of the Ms Young production team completed production on a short film which has recently been re-titled “tuesday morning” by it’s writer Darrow Carson. Ryan Baker brought a couple of his key Six Gun crew down to Los Angeles and we shot Darrow’s gorgeous little six and a half page short over the course of a single day. i finished a rough cut of it a week later and am currently sitting on it for a bit – just to give it time to marinate in my head before the next pass. i’ll make some adjustments in about a week or so and then pass it off for sound, color and (hopefully) score.

here are some screenshots from the shoot with Jaimi Paige and Ian Kerch:

i’m extremely pleased with it and can’t wait to show people what a superfreako / Six Gun collaboration is capable of. i know i speak for all the superfreakos when i say that we very much enjoyed working with the Six Gun team. it was a smooth day of production. we got a little behind early on for a couple of easily avoidable reasons, but once we got back on track we stayed on track, and we all worked really well together IMHO.

also just this morning, we got a notification that Forest Whitaker started following Ms Young’s page on JuntoBox. i can only assume that this means we’re being considered for being optioned – which is the next step for us on the site. since we’re already at Level Four, either they’ll offer us an option or they won’t.

Ms Young's JuntoBox page

click on the image above to see the “Ms. Young” JuntoBox page, where you can follow the project and rate it four stars or more if you want to help get Mr. Whitaker and the rest of the JuntoBox team to seriously consider funding out film.

i also (and i presume completely coincidentally) received another email from them this morning asking me to fill out a survey which hints at some pretty exciting potential developments over at JuntoBox – not that those developments might in any way effect whether or not they option Ms Young, but i’m definitely going to talk about them on this week’s WMM Film Geeks. sorry for the mystery sandwich, but it’s kind of a lot to cover in this. the podcast will go live Saturday morning anyway, so you won’t have to wait long.

anyway, stay tuned here and on for more info re: tuesday morning and Ms Young as it develops.